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Sweet Anxiety

Sweet Anxiety is an angsty, loud, and unapologetic look at the world. Free from the control of any record label exec, and with a take it or leave it attitude. This marvellous little solo project is written and performed by Frankston musician Sammy Allitt, straight from a basement studio. Loud high gain guitars, open hi hats, and plenty of frustration.


"If I had to genre cast what I'm doing, I'd go with grunge, punk, rock, all kinda churned up together. I haven't set out to put it in a box. The concept for me is to play what shit comes naturally, without forcing it to be anything in particular."
Every part of this project is performed by Sammy - Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, even down to the mix and mastering. "Everything has been done my way, the way I like it.  If you dig it, much love to you!"


Frankston South VIC 3199, Australia