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Sweet Anxiety: Press Kit

Sweet Anxiety has just released a new single titled "The Loss" on Bandcamp and via sweetanxiety.com, and will be out on the major streaming platforms on 20/4/2020.
The Loss is darker and grungier sounding than previously release songs. It touches on the mixed feelings of sadness and anger of losing people close to you and how that can really affect you mentally.

Sweet Anxiety is the brainchild of Melbourne rock musician Sammy Allitt. It is fully independent with a strong DIY ethic.

“No one is really out there doing their solo stuff fully amped. I wanted to do this my own way, on my own terms, and at full noise.”

Sammy tackles every part himself. From the songwriting to performing drums, guitars, bass and vocals. Layered piece by piece in his basement studio, mixing and mastered is also completed in-house by Sammy.

Sammy has been around the Melbourne music scene since the mid-’90s as a live sound engineer, in the naughties playing the guitars for hard rock band Samurai With No Sword, and recently as the drummer for The Broken Sweethearts and The Vinyl Ground. Sammy also made an EP appearance on drums for Geelong indie band Dirty Dance Machine.

“He is one of the hardest workers going and deserves all the love.” Dirty Dance Machine.

“Band of the Week” 7/4/2019 Colin’s Punk Rock World.

Artist Information:
Label: Independent
Genres: Grunge, punk rock, pop punk, DIY punk
Hometown: (Frankston) Melbourne, Australia
Sounds like: Shihad, Green Day, Nirvana, Helmet, Jimmy Eat World

Live Shows:

Sammy performs regular live sets in a "Solo Artist" format (electric guitar and vocal).

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The EP can be downloaded using the player below.


Want to learn more about Sweet Anxiety, the music, or any other enquiries? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Frankston South VIC 3199, Australia