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The Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory

Song writing is such a personal thing, everyone has their own method, and there is no right or wrong way to approach it.

For me, song writing is a 3 stage process that begins with what I call "The Ideas Factory".

Even though I have a fully equipped studio, by the time I've set up the gear and the DAW session up, it's like; "Fuck! What was that riff again?!" Shit! Too late.. It's gone..

I have to capture it in some way, right there and then. Often this involves humming and singing them into my phone if I'm out or about. Believe me, nothing says "Check out that wanker" more that some random singing into their phone in the street. But such is the price of capturing "that idea" into the Ideas Factory before it disappears for good. If I am lucky enough, the idea comes while I'm at home. This means I can record a quick and dirty to cassette tape with an old Tascam Porta Studio I picked up for $20 from a Sunday market. Some chick was selling off her (now ex) boyfriend's gear. "That fucker won't be needing it any longer" she said.

Over the years I have collected gigs of sound bites and tapes of ideas that have not yet proceeded to stage 2, and yes they mostly sound like complete shit. But dig through the shit long enough, and occasionally you strike gold. This is what I call the "Ideas Factory". Collecting the little ideas as they come, and then choosing the gold to take through to stage 2; Flesh out the ideas further.. More on how I approach that next week..

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