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Fleshing Out The Meat

Last week I wrote about stage 1 of the 3 stages of my songwriting process. This week I wanted to tell you a bit more about what I call stage 2, which is "Fleshing Out The Meat". Reason being... this what I'm doing right now! Taking what I think are a kick arse bunch of ideas, pull 'em out of "The Ideas Factory", and flesh out some meat to stick on the bones (of these ideas).

Hopefully with some work I'll turn 'em into some fat f#cken' tracks!

I have a strong belief that if you strip back the fancy effects pedals, Marshall stack, and fat drum track, if a song is strong enough... It should be able to stand on it's own. Just an acoustic guitar and vocal. To flesh out a song, work out it's arrangement, the key (my shitty voice) can sing it in, and any remaining lyrics; I use nothing but an acoustic guitar, notepad, pen, and an old Tascam 4 track. I chip away at it track by track, line by line, until I believe it's strong and full enough to move into "Pre-Prod".

For me personally this is something I really can't rush, I'm taking time away from my day job this week, so I can really focus on this. The 4 track is out and recording, and the neighbours are awake now too! Plenty to do this week, but this is something I love.. I love making music..

Have a great week f&*^ers!

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