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Things are moving very quickly in the Sweet Anxiety camp, and this week I have moved onto the final phase of song writing; "Pre-Production".

The idea of pre-production is to produce a "Final Draft" of what you want to take into the studio. In pre-production I start recording into the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Personally I use and love Reaper, others prefer Logic, or even Pro Tools.

In this phase I nut out;

  • Fine tuning of guitar tone

  • The drum tuning

  • Which snare drums I'm going to use

  • The workflow for the recording session

  • Experiment with mic positioning and settings on any outboard compressors / pre-amps I'm going to use

Most importantly it also becomes my first opportunity to hear what the songs sound like fully assembled as a "band". This then allows me to also fine tune tempo, song arrangement, and any last minute changes to lyrics.

It's very fucking exciting to hear all the little ideas I've had in my head for months, finally getting assembled together. I can't wait to start sharing the sounds with you all, and over the next few weeks I might have to leak a few snippets out.. wink wink.

Stay awesome! Cheers, Sammy!

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