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It All Starts With Guitars

Sammy and his Ibanez RG450

Gday f%^kers! While I'm knee deep in pre-production for the EP... I thought I'd share one of the things that I'm doing differently this time around; A lot of folks ask me what I record first when I'm recording myself. "Sammy, do you start with drums? Or do you start with guitars?" Well normally I start with the drums, and I guess this has been because I was recording for projects where I was just the producer and the drummer. So it made sense to me (especially as I own the studio) to start with the drums, track them in my own time without the other guys there, and get them really locked into the "grid". Then drag the other guys in one-by-one to play against a drum track that is tighter than a flies #rseh0le.

With Sweet Anxiety, I really want this to be about big, loud, aggressive guitars, and for the songs to have that punky ahead-of-the-groove feel. So I have decided to break with tradition and (as the title of this post suggests) "Start With Guitars!". Listening to the pre-production takes completed thus far, I'm really stoked with how it's coming out. Laying the guitars down first is giving the tracks great feel. I'm also finding when adding the drums in after the guitars, they act as a guide, allowing me to really lay into the kit, the groove, and accentuate parts with greater ease. More to come!

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