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Recording Update

5th Metacarpal

Those very close to the Sweet Anxiety camp will have heard that my hand was broken while fighting off an attacker (read: dead beat fuckin looser) who stormed my Melbourne home last week. I will be undergoing surgery this evening to re-align the bone and fix it back together.

So what does this mean for recording the debut EP? Well I can promise you, this has done nothing but strengthen my resolve, and progress will be full steam ahead despite the 6-10 weeks my left hand will be out of action. Guitars parts - bar a couple of solos and 1 rhythm track are pretty much complete. I will now move on to tracking vocals (which doesn't require my hands). This will be followed by drums. What? One handed you say?

QOTSA fans will know that on Song For The Deaf, Dave Grohl tracked drums separate from the cymbals to create that punchy sound. I will be doing the same which will allow me to play one handed, over 2 takes, and then merge the takes together.

So what about the remaining bass and left over guitar tracks? If vocals and drums are finished within the next 6 weeks, then I will call on some musicians to help complete the outstanding (two handed) parts and get this music out to you as soon as possible!

Never let fuckwits hold you back in life people! Overcome it quickly and move on..

New music - full steam ahead!

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