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Happy Australia Day - News

Firstly happy Australia Day to all my Aussie friends! Enjoy what has become a great place on the planet to be!

Lots happening in the Sweet Anxiety camp; Last weekend I did a mastering workshop with the great Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz and learned so much about all things mastering.

Tracking is nearly finished for the EP:

- Songwriting - Complete

- Pre-Production - Complete

- Guitars - Complete

- Vocals - Complete

- Drums - One track to go

- Bass - To be done this weekend

- Mixing - Next 2 weeks

- Mastering - 2 weeks away

Also coming up in 2019, I'll be doing a bunch of solo gigs to be announced in late Feb/March so look out for those.

I'll also be knocking out a video for one of the tracks on the EP. The ideas factory has also started for the next EP, with some solid song ideas coming together!

Stay awesome everyone! Cheers, Sammy


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